Artificial Lift Surface Equipment



Innovations through years – our path to grow

Triol Corporation is private owned company who began to offer wide range of services (R&D, project implementation, manufacturing, after-sale services) in the sphere of power electronics 20 years ago.
Since our birth back in 1993 innovation has been our main driving force. We were the frst in the former USSR to successfully develop and produce a variable frequency drive based on IGBT technology, to offer mediumvoltage solutions on the basis of frequency regulation and variable speed drives for ESP’s.
Triol Corporation invests in reliability, precision and safety.
Ensure your oil well productivity by selecting Triol series!

Our technical solutions for efcient oil production

Providing valued production support to oil companies, we bring a wealth of experience to clients seeking to improve efciency, minimize risks and boost productivity. Over the past 150 years, oil companies and prospectors have drilled more than two million wells around the world in hopes of striking oil. Many of the early wells turned out to be dry. We offer our Clients sophisticated technologies and tried-and-true techniques to extract oil from under the earth’s surface. In 2004 the frst series of Triol artifcial lift surface equipment was produced and put into operation. Triol AK03 variable speed drive provides ESP control, protection and various modes of operation. Use our technologies to reach as much oil as possible!

Our know-how at your disposal

We are constantly updating, improving and increasing our equipment to meet the demands of today’s industry. Over the years our company has achieved and maintained a high level of success in oil well equipment manufacturing: we were the frst in the region to apply graphical readout controller that provides user- friendly interface; we equipped VSD’s with output sine wave flters for protecting the step up transformer, cable and ESP. Later these flters were built in inside the drive’s enclosure to minimize the installation foot print and increase mobility. Our next step was VSD’s for permanent magnet motors, universal VSD’s for both asynchronous motor and permanent magnet motors. We introduced the algorithms of energy-savings and intellectual drives for increasing oil extraction efciency. Our expertise is at your service!

Reliability-focused and customer oriented strategy

We are focused on our equipment performance reliability. Our VSDs operate in different environment conditions — from Siberian subarctic climate to the Middle East desert. When safety, reliability and efciency are the major concerns in your facilities, our oil well series are the most reliable and flexible solutions!

From the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Mexico

Year after year, Triol Corporation increases signifcantly its sales and markets. 2011 was a year we started to supply our oil well equipment to the foreign markets. Development of the VSD’s with an active front end flter and further European certifcation allowed us to supply our products to Romania. Our products reliability is obtained thanks to faultless quality at all stages from design to operation in complete compliance with international standards and local certifcation. One of the greatest achievements of our company in 2013 was development, production and supplying of the VSD’s with soft starter from stainless steel for offshore operation, and also the drives for tropical environment. These corrosionresistant waterproof enclosures are a good solution for the specifc environment conditions of Middle East, Asian Pacifc and South America. Our global policy reflects the diversity and integrity of our workforce. Today we are reliable supplier to the international oil production industry.

Sustainability Priorities

Through our business, Triol Corporation contributes to a more sustainable society with a fair access to resources, health and well-being. Sustainability considerations cover how we design and manufacture products, what we offer our Customers, how we engage suppliers, how we assess risks and opportunities, and how we behave in the communities where we operate. Our manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and energy-efcient. We design eco-efcient and recyclable products. All of our manufacturing facilities comply with international standards on the management of environmental, health and safety risks.

When you have a great team anything is possible

Today, Triol Corporation represents a consolidation of experience and innovation, young and talented specialists and expert managers; development, production, reliable supply and after-sales service to different world corners; commitment to the great world scientifc traditions and application of the new approaches in management and business-planning. Our corporate culture supports talented people, allowing them to approach their work with energy, enthusiasm, and the promise of success.