Submersible equipment




Innovations through years — our path to grow

Since 1993 Triol Corporation has been focusing on development, manufacture, sales and service of production equipment for various industries. From the very beginning innovation has been our main driving force. We have applied this approach to our equipment for oil production. Our first innovative solutions have been implemented in artificial lift surface equipment. In this booklet we would like to present our innovative solutions for submersible equipment. Ensure your oil well productivity by selecting Triol series!

Facing up-to-date oil industry challenges

Triol downhole equipment has been designed to face nowadays requirements of the artificial lift: challenging environments with increased temperatures and pressures. More advanced technologies have been used to increase reliability, flexibility, speed and performance. We were focused on harsh well conditions including high temperatures, abrasive and corrosive fluids, and highly deviated wells. Today we are happy to offer you our best artificial lift solutions for challenging well conditions: ESP installations, downhole sensors, pumps and motors

Optimize production and maximize uptime

Our ESP systems offer you the highest level of reliability in the harshest downhole conditions. Intervention costs and lost production of critical wells can dramatically reduce your revenue. To extend run life in critical wells many technological innovations we build into our products. With high mean time between failures, our systems increase cash flow per well. We are working to optimize production for thousands of wells around the world in a broad range of applications. Triol submersible–plunger pump complex installation is a unique solution for the world practice. This solution enables a new way to exploit the numerous marginal wells, especially with the depth of 1500–3000 meters (flow rate of 25 cubic meters), including those with complex inclinometer. Furthermore the installation has been provided with reasonable price and high efficiency. Triol Corporation is well-known in the oil–production market with its downhole sensors Triol TM-01. Triol downhole sensors capture real-time downhole data for a variety of artificial lift systems that can be used to extend product run–life, optimize control and increase production. Triol downhole sensors have reliably served the oil market for many years. A big variety of its lines allows offering an individual approach to each customer.

Our business values at your disposal

Integrity, respect, customer–oriented strategy and striving for excellence are core values that define Triol Corporation, and they’re the values we offer our Customers and Partners. We are working to help our Clients to meet their objectives providing them with cooperation, trust, reliability and communication. Our guiding principles have been designed to encourage high–quality collaboration with our business partners. These principles are flexible competitive pricing; high functionality, flexible competitive pricing, special warranty policy, solid delivery performance, and effective after-sales support.

Investing in a sustainable future

Through our business, Triol Corporation contributes to a more sustainable society with a fair access to resources,health and well–being. Our manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. We design eco-efficient and recyclable products. Safety is our first priority. We are constantly improving working conditions, limiting work–related accidents, occupational illnesses, and anticipating regulatory change. Our equipment covers all requirements placed upon the functional safety of machines and systems. All of our manufacturing facilities and products comply with ISO and EU standards.

Triol Corporation is driven by the energy of people dedicated to making a difference

Today, Triol Corporation represents a consolidation of experience and innovation, young and talented specialists and expert managers; development, production, reliable supply and after–sales service to different world corners; commitment to a great world, scientific traditions and application of the new approaches in management and business–planning. Our corporate culture supports talented people, allowing them to approach their work with energy, enthusiasm, and the promise of success. We are a forward-thinking company built on a solid foundation of developing innovative solutions. Wherever our customers need excellence, our precision–engineered oil field equipment sets the standard for performance, reliability and efficiency.