The range of OME three-phase asynchronous motors in medium and high voltage have a high quality construction, designed and produced using the most efficient and innovative materials.

These motors are equipped with the technical characteristics capable of providing many advantages such as light weight, high efficiency, reliability and ease in the assembly and maintenance.

This range of OME motors is ideal for the application and operation of pumps, boilers, conveyors, fans, mills, compressors all the equipment located primarily in heavy industry.

They are perfect to be installed in industries such as sugar mills, mines, cement plants, steel mills, power plants, industrial plants.

These motors can be made in squirrel cage or wound rotor.

OME produces medium and high voltage motors for secure environment , and for environments where there are explosive atmosphere (oil & gas).



CONSTRUCTION CHARACTERISTIC OME electric motors in medium and high voltage can be supplied with various cooling systems, such as IC 411-416-511-611- IC 81W.

In particular the electric motors with cooling system IC 611 consist of a steel plate, welded to the frame, able to ensure lightness and stability. The sides and the top are open, so as to allow both an easy maintenance and cleaning, it is possible to combine different cooling devices on the upper part of the frame. The electric motors have a laminated core that before being mounted in the frame, is compressed and protected and then pressed into the machined frame. Thanks to these particular procedures of construction, the electric motors have good insulating performance, greater mechanical strength, greater resistance to humidity, more strength and durability. The part of the rotor cage is constructed of aluminum and copper bar. The rotors are made with casting process of aluminum and with subsequent welding, necessary to ensure reliability and perfect balance.

Depending on the power, the speed of electric motors and at the request of the customer, roller bearings or bushings are used. The main terminal is located on the right side of the electric motor and can also be located on the left side, on request of the customer. Both the inside and the outside of the terminal box are equipped with separate terminals.

Upon request of the user, the stator winding and the bearing can be equipped with devices for measuring temperature, ensuring the functioning of the motor in safety and reliability even at long distances.