Sunway™M XS

Sunway™M XS

Single-phase transformerless solar inverter

The solution for 2 to 9 kWp: a light-weighted, transformerless inverter for maximum energy efficiency. The Sunway M XS is a single-phase solar inverter, easy to install, with an interface designed for intuitive operation. The colour touchscreen display, the integrated datalogger and the wireless connectivity make it a technologically advanced device. Communications with the inverter is easy and convenient thanks to the dedicated smartphone app. A unique and stylish design.

General specification

– Graphic keypad with touchscreen and integrated datalogger
– Integrated web server
– Compliant to CEI 0-21, VDE-A-RN 4105, VDE 0126-1-1
– Low consumptions (compliant with EU requirements for stand-by consumptions)
– Control and minimisation of the DC component injected to the grid
– Power equalization function over CAN Bus for multi-inverter connection (M XS 4600, M XS 5000, M XS 6000 and M XS 7500 only)
– PV field insulation control – Integrated DC circuit breaker (optional)

Technical specification

MPPT voltage range: 125 to 480 Vdc | 330 to 740 Vdc
Max. DC voltage: 580 Vdc | 845 Vdc
Max. number of input strings: 4
Grid voltage: 230 Vac +/- 15%
Grid frequency: 50 Hz
Total distortion of grid current: ≤3%
Degree of protection: IP65 Range
Temperatures: -25°C to +45°C
Relative humidity: 95% max.
Consumptions while stopped: <10 W
Consumptions at night <0.25 W