Export controller

Export controller

Unit limiting power injected into the grid

The Export Controller by Elettronica Santerno is a turnkey solution implementing the no-export requirement at the POI expressed by the grid codes of some Countries.

The product, installed in the point of interconnection of the plant to the grid, allows dynamically regulating the active power and the reactive power in medium-sized and utility-scale plants; it also allows automatic control of the communications with all the power generators in the plant. In particular, the product respects the prohibition of injecting active power as applied to certain types of plants in certain Countries. The control logic implemented in the device allows installation on the most diverse plants, even those integrating various generators, such as solar inverters, diesel generators and battery units.

The product integrates a control unit, a touchscreen display (optional), a power supply unit and a digital meter that can interface with external voltage sensors and current sensors.

The integrated meter may be bypassed to be connected directly to external meters, if any. All the devices above are integrated into a compact enclosure for the easiest installation.

The Ethernet connectivity and the integrated web interface with no need to configure the plant devices on-site allow easy compliance of the plant to the applicable standards, as well as real-time control and monitoring of all the generators installed.